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Client Testimonials

Dr. Esfandiar Rashidzadeh, PhD of economics & investment banker – "Working with DIG over the past 3 years has been a successful relationship. We have been able to generate on average ranging between 135 to 150% capital gain on deals valued at US $50,000,000. This demonstrates DIG's unique strategic investment planning, sound local knowledge and insight into the property market of Dubai. "

Atena Rashidian– Private Investor, England – Working with Dorchester Investment Group has been a rewarding experience. They helped us understand the risks verses the rewards and walked us through a high return exit strategy. Investing with DIG was a sure winner.

Ray Summon – Private Investor, USA –We took out the factor that the investment was beyond US boarders and it became an investment like any other only with a unique feature, it had one of the highest net ROI’s we have ever experienced.