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The Tallest Building in the World - Burj Dubai! Middle East

66 to 124 floors in six months!

The Burj Dubai tower is designed to be the centerpiece of a large-scale, mixed-use development that will include 30,000 homes, nine hotels, 6 acres of parkland, 19+ residential towers, the Dubai Mall, and a large man-made lake. The complete 500 acre development will cost about $20 billion dollars (US). Once completed, the tower will cover a total of over 22 million square feet of development.

The official height of the Burj Dubai is kept secret because of international competition, but current estimates have it rising to a height in excess of 2,600 feet. Some estimate that it will be 189 floors or so - it is to be the tallest building in the world.


Fastest Growing City in the World! Middle East 2.0 - Dubai

As seen on 60 Minutes Dubai Inc. reported by Steve Kroft.
The Biggest Story in the World --- Dubai - home of the world's largest construction site and one of the most amazing stories in our world today.

While millions flock to Dubai annually, from an American perspective it's "the Middle East we don't know".

Still surrounded in misunderstanding by so many in the US, the massively positive story of Dubai and Middle East 2.0 is the real story of change in the Gulf.

It is a story of peaceful, constructive excellence and the pursuit of dreams. A story very much in line with true American values.


Dynamic Tower - BBC News
The world's first moving building, an 80-storey tower with revolving floors giving a shifting shape, will be built in Dubai, its architect says.

The Dynamic Tower design is made up of 80 pre-fabricated apartments which will spin independently of one another.

"It's the first building that rotates, moves, and changes shape," said architect David Fisher, who is Italian, at a news conference in New York.

The skyscraper will cost an estimated $700m to build and should be up and moving in Dubai by 2010.
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60 Minutes
Dubai is a city that has transformed itself from desert into an international business hub and tourist destination.

it is also a Middle East success story, a city of stability in a region torn by conflict, a political, economic and social experiment that is the vision of one man.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum is the Ruler of Dubai. No matter how many articles you read or how many pictures you see, they don't quite capture the enormity and the energy of Dubai.

It is a physical manifestation of Arab oil wealth set in concrete, glass and steel, a place so rich and ambitious that is changing the geography of the world as a business center, transportation hub, and tourist destination.

It's a 21st century city at the crossroads of a new world. Skyscrapers rise in clusters, man-made islands rise from the sea, and entire neighborhoods with hundreds of office buildings and apartments that rise from the sand. And it is all Sheikh Mohammed's vision.


Richard Barnson in Dubai
Sir Richard Branson planted the Union Jack and ceremoniously "staked his claim" to Great Britain on The World, at an event celebrating the debut of Virgin Atlantic Airways' direct flights between the United Kingdom and Dubai.
Richard Branson at the World

The island of Great Britain is one of 300 super luxury man-made island developments that collectively make up The World, a series of islands shaped to form the map of the world. The islands are being constructed by Nakheel, developer of more than $30 billion of real estate in Dubai.


Roger Federer & Andre Agassi
Roger Federer and Andre Agassi Play Tennis at Burj Al Arab Heli Pad

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