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Current Investment Focus

Property Investments

The UAE is a country with a luxury brand in the making.  Its leadership has made a conscious decision to invest and attract investment in the building of this brand that represents 7 star quality living.  With the current economic boom in the real estate, commercial, hospitality and entertainment theme park development market and the shortage of residential and commercial property measured against the inflow of migration from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America it is projected that this industry will sustain a healthy growth in the foreseeable future.  As such Dorchester Investment Group has taken a lead in producing investment packages for its clients with +30% annual returns.

We are actively in pursue of investment partners from North America, Russia and Europe who are seeking to develop new concept designs across the UAE in key cities such as Dubai, Ras Al Khaima, Ajman and Abu Dhabi.

Technology Investments

With internet connectivity reaching every home and office around the world and the productivity gains that are drawn from this revolutionary commerce and communication platform, Dorchester Investment Group has taken the initiative in investing in new idea companies in the region.  In addition, with Dubai being at the crossroad where luxury living meets Middle East talent we are in a position to leverage Dubai as our development center for high return technology solutions that can offer services to the global market place.

Capital Investments

Financial analysts, professional bankers, global investors and market watchers will all tell you that economies hardly ever run in unison cycles, follow the same trends and patters, and experience booms and busts in tandem.    While one economy may lead bullishly, others can experience a lag or total decline.  

At Dorchester Investment Group we believe that investing in a single market strategy is a thing of the past. Opportunities are everywhere and ready for the taking.

To maximize on opportunities in the UAE market, Dorchester Investment Group is involved in the promotion of funds with high returns as compared to other markets around the world.  Given the confidentiality we would kindly request that interested parties contact us directly or via e-mail for more detail.


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