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Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates states, a collection of oil-wealthy and modernizing sheikhdoms located on the Persian Gulf coast . The rapid rate of development and construction in Dubai has attracted worldwide attention since the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Unlike the other kingdoms in United Arab Emirates, only 6% of Dubai's GDP comes from oil profits. To build a future for themselves, Dubai is aggressively encouraging tourism and business ventures in their capital city, known as Dubai City or just simply Dubai. Going from being practically undeveloped during the 80s, Dubai is now jam-packed with skyscrapers.

Dubai has completed a huge indoor skiing slope, one of the largest in a country where no snow falls. This is called the Dubailand Snowdome. The Snowdome is part of the even larger Dubailand, which is under construction for a cost of almost $900 million, and upon completion, will be the largest theme park in the world.

Dubai is also building a rotating skyscraper, the first of its kind. The list of construction projects in Dubai goes on and on. It's a wonder that a city with only just over a million population in 2007 can support this frantic pace of development.

To classify the projects , can say they are in groups of :

  • Available projects
  • Under Construction projects
  • Upcoming projects

Completed Projects
A look at stunning Dubai Projects which are already delivered like the Dubai Madison Residency, Marina Terrace and more.

Under Construction Projects
Under construction projects in Dubai goes on and on... let's look at some of them in this gallery.
Off Plan Projects
Now take a look at more wonders upcoming in dubai, fabulous designs and great ideas are here...